4 Ways to Wrap Text in Excel

If you type a long sentence in an Excel sheet, you will see the sentence won’t fit inside the cell width. To fit the entire text inside a single cell you will need to use the Wrap Text command in Excel.

Most Common Way Apply Wrap Text

Suppose you have a long text in the dataset like this one below. Let’s use the Wrap Text command to accommodate the sentence in one cell.

At first, select the cell of the long text. I have selected cell B2.

Then click on the Home tab.

Select the Wrap Text command from the Alignment group.

How to Wrap Text in Excel

You will find the entire sentence in one cell now.

Applying Wrap Text in Excel

But if you think the text did not fit in the cell perfectly, you can drag the column manually to adjust the length as you like.

Alternative Way #1: Keyboard Shortcut 

Select a cell from the entire sentence and press ALT+H+W to apply Wrap Text.

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Alternative Way #2: Wrap Text in the Formula Bar

Another way to wrap a text is to manually wrap it inside the Formula Bar.

Select any cell from the full sentence. You will notice the sentence will appear in the formula bar in one body.

Take the space bar where you want a text break (making another line) and press ALT+ENTER.

Then adjust the space of the cell width by dragging the column.

Alternative Way #3: Wrap Text with Format Cells Dialog Box

Another way to find the Wrap Text command is in the Format Cells dialog box.

Click on the Home tab.

From the Cells group, hit the Format drop-down menu.

Select the command Format Cells.

Insert Wrap Text with Format Cells Dialog Box in Excel

The Format Cells dialog box will pop up on the screen.

Alternatively, you can press the CTRL + 1 to open the Format Cells dialog box.

Select the Alignment tab.

Now in the Text Control section, tickmark the Wrap Text checkbox.

Finally hit the OK button.

Wrap Text with Format Cells Dialog Box in Excel


The Wrap Text command is very useful especially when you intend to insert a heading for the dataset in Excel. It also helps to add details to the data table sometimes. I hope you get the overall idea of using the Wrap Text command properly. Please visit our Blog page for more helpful articles. Have a good day!

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