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About Us

We are a content publishing company from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is our website address:


When readers leave comments in the comment section, we evaluate their authentication. Then we publish only the relevant comments.

Based on the readers’ email address, a synthesized hash is handed over to Gravatar. Then it cross-checks whether the reader owns the email address or not. You can learn more about its policy from Only after the approval of the comments, the readers’ profile picture is visible to the public.


You should not upload any image with the location data embedded in it. Because anyone can download your image and track the location data.


When someone leaves a comment in the comment section, his/her credentials such as name, and email address may be stored in the cookies. This helps in autofill services next time you try to fill something by yourself. The information in the cookies is stored for only a year.

When someone visits our login page, a temporary cookie is set to check whether the user’s browser accepts the cookie or not. The cookie doesn’t save any personal information and is deleted when the user’s browser is closed.

We save multiple cookies when a user logs in to save his/her login credentials and screen display preferences. Cookies for login and screen options last for two days and a year, respectively. The user’s login credentials will be saved for two weeks if he/she chooses “Remember Me.” The login cookies will be deleted when he/she logs out of his/her account.

An additional cookie will be saved in the user’s browser whenever he/she updates or publishes an article. This cookie contains no personal information and only shows the post ID of the article. It has a one-day expiration date.

Where Your Data Goes

When a user requests to reset his/her password, the reset email includes his/her IP address.

Data Storage Period

When a user leaves a comment, it is saved eternally, along with its information. This is so that any subsequent comments are automatically recognized and approved rather than being held in a moderation queue.

We also retain the personal information that users supply in their user profiles if they register on our website (if they do). At any time, every user can see, modify, or remove their data (except they cannot change their username). Administrators of the website have access to this data and can update it.

Rights Over Your Own Data

If a user has an account on our website or has posted any comments, he/she can request for his/her data that belong to us. One can also request us to delete any personal information that has on our website. Of course, this excludes any data that is required for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Where We Send Your Data

An automatic spam detection service may be used to check visitor comments.

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