Welcome to our Advanced Excel hub, a curated space for conquering intricate features, unlocking hidden functionalities, and mastering the art of advanced spreadsheet techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned Excel user or on a quest for proficiency, this guide is your compass through the complexities and possibilities that Advanced Excel has to offer.

Find Duplicates in Excel

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Working with XML in Excel

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Data Validation and Protection

Explore advanced techniques for data validation and protection. Implement dropdown lists, input restrictions, and password protection to secure your data and maintain its integrity.

Advanced Filters and Queries

Master advanced filtering techniques and database queries. Discover how to extract specific data subsets based on complex criteria, making database management more precise and efficient.

Structured Tables

Utilize Excel’s structured tables for dynamic data management. Learn how structured tables simplify sorting, filtering, and referencing data, creating a more organized and responsive spreadsheet.


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