What is Absolute Cell Reference in Excel?

Absolute Cell Reference or Absolute Reference is used to lock a cell address.

It locks up the references so that the cell address does not change while copying the formula.

The absolute cell reference is identified by the dollar sign ($).

You can apply the absolute cell reference by adding the dollar sign ($) before the column and row numbers.

Keyboard Shortcut

Press F4 or press Fn+F4 (if the F4 is preoccupied with another function).

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Example of Absolute Cell Reference

Some of the examples of absolute cell references are $A$1, $G$5, $H$2, etc.

How to Use Absolute Cell Reference

Here is a list of items (column A) and their individual prices (column B). Each of the items is brought in 5 pieces (row 8). I am going to calculate the total prices (column C) of each item.

Step_1: Add absolute cell reference ($ sign) to cell B8 and the first item price.


Use of absolute cell reference in excel

Step_2: Press ENTER.

Step_3: Double-click the Fill Handle to copy the formula down.

All the item prices are multiplied by the quantity.

Result of using absolute cell reference in excel


The absolute cell reference is a very useful referencing system where you have to fix the cell address. I hope you have got an overall idea about absolute cell reference and its usage.

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